Rocky is genuinely excited and passionate to educate as a means of giving back to aspiring musicians. He is an online drum instructor, clinician throughout the Midwest, private lesson instructor in Bloomington IN, and mentor to young students who attend Chicago Jazz Philharmonic's summer Jazz Academy program.

Presented by Rocky Martin In this installment of "Inside the Teaching Studio", Rocky Martin demonstrates his condensed version of Alan Dawson's "The Rudimental Ritual" that makes for an effective, concise daily practice routine.

Rocky works in close collaboration with shedthemusic.com, an online educational resource for aspiring young musicians. In this Lap Drumming series, Rocky demonstrate how to lock in a groove by adjusting how to incorporate the metronome (level 1 of 6). The rest of the "Groove Lap Drumming" series can be found here: http://www.shedthemusic.com/groove-lap-drumming-1


Workout video for rebound and control strokes- Played and recorded at Oak Lawn Community High School, IL.