Heartland trio

Heartland Trio is Barclay Moffitt on tenor saxophone, Hannah Marks on upright bass, and Rocky Martin on drums. Founded in August 2017, the band draws from repertoire rooted in folk music and spirituals, while grounded in the group’s improvisational/groove background of jazz and rock. Heartland's sound reflects their desire to create with a gritty and spontaneous garage band mentality while exploring beyond the boundaries of the traditional roles of their instruments in a jazz setting.

As sidemen, they have performed with jazz greats such as Walter Smith III, Becca Stevens, Joel Ross, Kurt Rosenwinkel, and more. The group is based in Bloomington, IN and frequently plays at variety of venues throughout the Midwest. Their outreach also extends to educational programs like the Chicago Jazz Philharmonic and the Griffin Institute for Performing Arts. Following their performances at the Iowa City Jazz Festival, the Indy Jazz Festival, and the Hyde Park Jazz Festival in 2018, Heartland Trio released their full-length album, “Year One”, including all original music and arrangements.

Poster- B-Side Graphics

Poster- B-Side Graphics

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Heartland Trio

Fulton St. Collective Dec. 20, 2017

PC: Harvey Tillis